Kevin Love missed a Timberwolves preseason game after injuring his elbow while sleeping

16 Oct

It's not altogether rare for established stars to take it easy during the preseason, sitting in the interest of keeping legs fresh for the start of the season (a strat occasionally employed by Gregg Popovich with the San Antonio Spurs) or preferring to exercise caution lest minor tweaks turn into nagging injuries. So when Kevin Love missed Saturday's preseason contest between his Minnesota Timberwolves and the Chicago Bulls, a game his squad won by seven, due to what was reported as a sore right elbow, it seemed like a garden-variety veteran skip.

What made it interesting, though, is how the 24-year-old Olympic gold medalist suffered the dinged-up wing. For more on the story, check out the rundown up top from our friends at the Yahoo! Sports Minute, and read on for the report by Jerry Zgoda of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

[Fantasy Basketball '12: Play the official game of]

Love didn't bang it or hyperextend it while playing only the first quarter Friday in Indianapolis. No, he instead slept with his right arm extended off his bed all night Friday and when he awoke Saturday morning, he said he could barely lift a basketball.

"I couldn't shoot it 10 feet," he said. [...]

Love [...] had no strength in that arm. Maybe he needs to get a bed like the one [Al Jefferson], his former teammate, recently ordered in Salt Lake City: A 10-foot-by-12-foot one that cost more than $23,000.

"My bed's big enough," Love said. "Just a fluke thing. I'm pretty sure it's just a 24-hour deal."

Come Monday afternoon, though, Zgoda tweeted from Wolves practice that Love said his elbow was still bothering him. Apparently, Love's talent for diagnosis lags far behind his gift for "getting" teammates.

Wolves fans needn't worry much, though — the All-Star power forward did return to practice on Monday, and said he plans to play in Minny's next preseason contest, a Tuesday night friendly against Israeli club Maccabi Haifa. Now, all he needs to do is follow the advice of noted sleep scientist Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones and switch up his sleep posture to a more arm-friendly position and such issues should be summarily nipped in the bud come the start of the regular season, allowing Love to get that right elbow tucked in and prepared even more field-goal (1059) and 3-point (282) attempts than the career-high marks he set last year. I'm partial to the Freefaller, m'self, but hey: to each his own.

Gentle, cautious elbow bash to SLAM.

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Oops: Nationals fans received information about buying World Series tickets on Saturday morning

13 Oct

Q: What's the only thing worse than heading to bed after your favorite team just suffered the indignity of losing the biggest lead in a postseason elimination game in baseball history?

A: Waking up to find that, due to a "stunningly stupid" error by a third party, World Series tickets for your favorite team will be going on sale soon.

No, this is not a joke. Check out what Washington Nationals season ticket holders found in their email inboxes at 7 a.m. on Saturday, just hours after the team had been eliminated from the postseason by blowing a six-run lead in a stunning 9-7 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 5 of the NLDS on Friday night.

As Nats Enquirer put it, this must have been "soul crushing" for any loyal Nats fan:

As one of our tipsters pointed out, this is a true "Natinals" moment if there ever was one. But Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog made a few calls and found out that the team wasn't at fault. The email actually came from Major League Baseball, which forgot to shut down its automated message after the Cardinals made their ninth-inning comeback.

"It was a stunningly stupid error on our part and we apologize to the Nationals and their great fans," Bob Bowman, CEO of MLB Advanced Media, told Steinberg.

Hey, why not send out a Super Bowl offer for the Redskins or regular season tickets for the Washington Capitals while you're at it, Bob? You know, once you're done with your virtual tee-peeing of Nats' fans email addresses?

All of which actually leads me to a funny thought: Do you think there's a poor Nationals fan out there who went to bed assuming the team won, woke up to this email seemingly confirming that news and is making plans to watch the NLCS right now?

Make sure all your bases are covered this postseason ...
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Al Jefferson has a huge, very expensive bed

10 Oct

NBA players are big guys, both in terms of height, weight, and general presence. In practice, that means that very basic products in their life need to be special-ordered. Most department stores don't make suits for giants, for instance, and if a 7-footer wants to ride a bike he better find a special manufacturer (that might not keep people from stealing it, of course). That goes for beds, too — a king size won't necessarily fit a member of the Sacramento Kings. So, in order to be comfortable, an NBA athlete might need to get a custom-made bed.

On Tuesday, we learned just how large that bed needs to be. New Utah Jazz guard Mo Williams tweeted this photo of teammate Al Jefferson's bed (via TBJ), a huge piece of furniture that would seem to fit a normal-sized family of five, plus several pets. Spencer Ryan Hall of Jazz blog Salt City Hoops found out that the bed is 10-by-12 feet, or large enough to fit two normal-sized grizzly bears and a Mini Cooper. Jefferson is listed at 6-10 and 289 pounds, but a quick look at him suggests he's a bit shorter. He needs a big bed, obviously, but this particular choice seems a little extreme.

[Related: Kobe Bryant drops hints on retirement date]

However, the size arguably isn't the most shocking thing about the bed. After the jump, check out another photo from Hall to see the exorbitant price tag for this item:

Yes, that's more than $23,000 for a single item of furniture. By comparison, a top-of-the-line Tempur-Pedic king-size bed runs over $9,000 retail, or roughly $14,000 less than Jefferson's bed. Don't worry, he can afford it — Jefferson is set to make $15 million in salary this season and should get another sizable deal as a free agent next summer.

Keep in mind, of course that Jefferson's travel schedule means he won't be able to sleep in this bed for weeks on end during the NBA season. Unless, that is, he hires a caravan of elephants to carry the bed from city to city. Don't laugh at the suggestion, as ridiculous as it seems. They say you can't put a price on comfort, and Jefferson has clearly taken that lesson to heart.

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Goran Dragic throws out a (not bad at all, considering) first pitch at an Arizona Diamondbacks game (VIDEO)

21 Sep

The Arizona Diamondbacks are a game under the .500 mark, 12.5 games out of the division lead and just about out of the running for a wild-card spot in the National League. School has started, the kids need to be in bed by nine, and it's safe to say there aren't a lot of D-Back diehards taking in a Wednesday night contest between the Diamondbacks and the similarly out-of-it San Diego Padres.

So, what better way to bring the fans in than by announcing that Phoenix Suns starting point guard Steve Nash … er, Goran Dragic is going to throw out the first pitch?!?

Dragic, considering he probably had never gripped a baseball nor thrown a sphere so small overhand in his lefty life before Wednesday, did pretty well. A fat one, to be sure, and not a strike; but not bad from 60-feet away.

(Even if, as The Basketball Jones' Trey Kerby pointed out, his follow-through did remind of Uncle Rico's.)

It's a safe pursuit, this first-pitch nonsense, much safer than the flag football Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo appear to be playing on the UCLA campus. And Dragic — coming off a fantastic year where he posted an 18 Player Efficiency Rating at just 25 years of age — is worth getting giddy over if you're a Suns fan. He's improved in huge gallops since Phoenix strangely traded him for Aaron Brooks two years ago, and while he won't help anyone forget Steve Nash, he'll run a fantastic show with center Marcin Gortat.

He'll also probably want to play pepper during the downtime within Suns practices, though. No pepper, Goran. No pepper.

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Houston Rockets' Jeremy Lin speaks with the media after NBA basketball practice, Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012, in Houston. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

HOUSTON (AP) -- Jeremy Lin is finally getting his own bed.

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Tour Report: Woods battles bad back to shoot 69 (PGA Tour)

24 Aug
By Helen Ross, PGATOUR.COM FARMINGDALE N.Y. — He didn’t tweak his lower back as many people thought when he uncorked one of those massive drives during the second round of The Barclays. Nope. Tiger Woods thinks the damage was done when he slept awkwardly on a soft bed at his hotel Thursday night. "As I [...]
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Braves 3B Chipper Jones scratched with bad back (Yahoo! Sports)

10 Aug

Atlanta Braves' Chipper Jones runs after singling to center field against the Houston Astros during the seventh inning of their baseball game at Turner Field, Sunday, Aug. 5, 2012, in Atlanta. The Braves won 6-1. (AP Photo/David Tulis)

NEW YORK (AP) -- Chipper Jones took to Twitter to tell his fans that his bed in a New York hotel has caused his back to tighten up.

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Capitals’ Joel Ward discusses the difficulties of onanism after sports hernia surgery

08 Aug

You'd think that, after scoring the series-winning goal in the Washington Capitals' playoff upset over the Boston Bruins, things would be looking up for Joel Ward. But such was not the case. The guy was immediately inundated with racist sentiment.

In an interview with 102.1 The Edge in Toronto, Ward admits that things got rough enough for him to receive a phone call from a concerned FBI agent.

But that's not the only thing Ward opens up about.

Shortly after the Capitals' postseason ended, the playoff hero underwent surgery to correct a sports hernia. And then he made the mistake of attempting to "relieve some stress" while recuperating on bed rest, a story he relays in detail during the same interview:

"I was being a single male laying in bed like that, I figured I'd try to relieve myself a little bit. Well, sure enough I got a nerve that kinda connect from my seeds us to my scarring that slowly prevents me from relieving myself."

"... It was like a dog-choker, just like a zap -- zoop."

"... So of course I panicked and called the doc. He's like, 'You just had surgery, come on.'"

Turns out recuperating from sports hernia surgery is like visiting George Bluth in prison.

Be sure to listen to the whole interview (beginning at about 45:00) if you'd like to hear Joel Ward's tale of failed onanism in his own voice, as well as a sidebar on one of the most awkward things a male nurse can say to you while he's shaving your groin.

Anyway. If you ever wondered if it's possible to masturbate after getting sports hernia surgery (and who hasn't, really), now you know.

In closing, a few pieces of advice for Joel Ward: First, don't tell a story like this in the offseason, where it's basically the biggest hockey-related news story in a week. Second, surgery recovery is for binge-watching HBO programs and nothing else.

s/t to Lindsay Applebaum.

Follow Harrison Mooney on Twitter at @HarrisonMooney

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Cowboys’ Claiborne has first practice with team (Yahoo! Sports)

26 Jul

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant sits next to his mother, Angela Bryant, during a news conference in Dallas, Tuesday, July 24, 2012. Authorities say Angela Bryant called 911 after a July 14 incident in which her son hit her with a hat and grabbed her shirt, causing it to tear. Dez Bryant was arrested two days later. (AP Photo/Nomaan Merchant)

IRVING, Texas (AP) -- Morris Claiborne was wide awake in bed at 6 a.m. The first-round draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys couldn't sleep.

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