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The only chance the Chicago Cubs had of winning the World Series in 2012 took place inside the fictional universe of NBC's "Revolution," a new TV show about a future without electricity. But after the show premiered Monday night, as you can tell from the side-by-side screen caps above, even those hopes had been dashed.

In the original trailer, which premiered in May, three of the show's characters are seen traveling across the post-apocalyptic landscape of Chicago, including Wrigley Field, where the marquee improbably reads: "2012 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS." As if! On the day the trailer came out, the Cubs' record was 14-20. Not an impossible climb by the math, but I think we all knew by then the 2012 Cubs weren't destined for greatness.

By the time the show itself premiered, no amount of hope was going to help the Cubs; they had been eliminated mathematically from the playoffs. Even if the original inclusion of the World Series was done as a joke (people make fun of the Cubs?), the show's producers had to do something. So they digitally erased what was never there in the first place. Rest in peace, Cubs' first World Series title since 1908.

(Hypothetical side note: Fifteen years after people stopped caring for Wrigley Field, it would look much more dilapidated than what "Revolution" posits. I'm saying it would have collapsed on itself. There's no way that marquee is hanging there, for sure.)

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The shame of it all is, the Cubs won't ever win the World Series in the "Revolution" universe. If they did, the famous Wrigley marquee would say so. It appears that 2012 was the Cubs' last chance, what with the electricity going out and all. Did Theo Epstein consider this when he took the job? And with the show doing well in the ratings on its first night, the revoked championship could be a subject Cubs fans will be talking about for years to come. "Oh, what could have been? And what never will."

Funny. If any team and stadium would be capable of winning a World Series without lights, without electricity, it's the Cubs.

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