For most championship athletes, a victory parade is a chance to wave to fans, act goofy and maybe make a headline by saying a curse word during his speech.

For pitcher Sergio Romo, though, the San Francisco Giants' title parade on Wednesday was a chance to make a statement via his choice of wardrobe. The closer, last seen striking out Detroit's Miguel Cabrera on Sunday to end the World Series, wore a T-shirt that read "I just look illegal."

As noted by the Los Angeles Times, Romo was born to two parents who were originally from Mexico and raised in tiny Brawley, Calif., a town about 20 miles north of the border. Brawley has produced three major leaguers with Rudy Seanez and Sid Monge being the other two.

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Romo's black-and-white T-shirt contained just four simple words but they formed an important message about stereotyping, perception and acceptance. Good on Romo for using his platform to provoke a little thought while working toward bringing down some of the barriers that exist in our country.

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