GNUru Mailbag: Bill in the Hall
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Jul 26, 2007 at 04:51 PM
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Bill HallI'm in a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League.  I am currently in 1st place by 19.5. I have Bill Hall (3b-ss-of) who will be coming off of the disabled list soon and am not sure what to do. My shortstops are Troy Tulowitzki, Michael Young, and Miguel Tejada (who will also be coming of the DL soon). My 3b are Julio Lugo (2b-3b-ss) and Kevin Youlkilis (1b-3b-of). My outfielders are Carlos Lee, Corey Hart and Shannon Stewart. Is hall better than any of my current team? If so, who should i drop to pick up hall? Which SS should I drop or trade when i activate Tejada? What can i expect to get in return for m young or Tulowitzki? 


Wow, your team looks pretty loaded with guys who can give you roster flexibility- a very nice situation to be in.  Despite the fact that Bill Hall hasn't had the season many expected, I find it hard to let go of Hall given his multi-position status and his power potential.  Ideally, you should look to trade one of your shortstops since you already have 3solid options in Young, Tejada, and Tulowitzki.  It's doubtful you'd get much for Michael Young and if you were in a keeper league you might get nice value for Troy Tulowitzki.  In this situation your best option is to deal Tejada.  He still has the name and you can probably get more for him than anyone else. 

Even if you can peddle Tejada you still need to drop another player in order to pick up Hall.  If I had to drop anyone I'd drop Corey Hart.  He has declined dramatically and his minor league numbers don't provide much hope that what we saw early in the year is the real Hart.  After that, if you can't make a trade I'd consider straight-out dropping Young or Lugo.  If you need the SBs drop Young..if you don't drop Lugo. 

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