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2007 GNUru Quarterback Rankings
(3 votes)
Written by The GNUru   
Jul 26, 2007 at 12:00 AM

Peyton Manning is still the class of the quarterbacks!The quarterback position is one of the most volatile in fantasy sports.  A top quarterback can really rack in the points and be the difference ibetween your team making the playoffs or you trying to find that bridge between football and baseball seasons.  Since fantasy hockey and basketball are about as much fun as waking up with your head stapled to the carpet, let's focus on making your fantasy football experience worthwhile and lengthy.  Peyton Manning will continue to be the head of the quartback class followed closely by Carson Palmer.  After that, your difference maker QBs are limited to Marc Bulger, Drew Brees, and whatever running quarterback can stay healthy (and out of the clink) all season- namely Donovan McNabb, Vince Young, and Michael Vick.  Other than those listed above, your QB is unlikely to provide much of an advantage and you should look towards consistency.  While Tom Brady is not likely to put up monster numbers (even though he now has Randy Moss as a target) he will consistently get you 200+ yards and a couple of touchdowns, all while not killing you in turnovers.   

1. Peyton Manning, IND
2. Carson Palmer, CIN
3. Marc Bulger, STL
4. Drew Brees, NO
5. Tom Brady, NE
6. Vince Young, TEN
7. Donovan McNabb, PHI
8. Jay Cutler, DEN
9. Jon Kitna, DET
10. Phillip Rivers, SD
11. Matt Hasselbeck, SEA

12. Matt Leinart, ARI
13. Tony Romo, DAL
14. Eli Manning, NYG
15. Brett Favre, GB


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2007 GNUru Running Back Rankings
(3 votes)
Written by The GNUru   
Jul 22, 2007 at 07:05 PM

The key to any successful fantasy football team is the running back.  Draft a dominant RB on draft day  and you'll likely have yourself a competitive team- draft a dud and your season could be over quickly.  In 2007 LaDainian Tomlinson willonce again be the head of the class.  After L.T. you have some question marks.  Can Stephen Jackson keep handling a huge workload without running into injuries?  Will Larry Johnson report to camp on time and in shape?  Is Frank Gore for real?  Will Shaun Alexander bounce back from an injury riddled season or will he continue to decline?  Can Joesph Addai build on an impressive rookie campaign?  So unless you have the #1 pick in this years draft, it's important to keep abreast of all the latest scouting and injury reports.   p1_gore_presswire

 1. LaDainian Tomlinson, SD
2. Stephen Jackson, STL
3. Larry Johnson, KC
4. Frank Gore, SF
5. Joesph Addai, IND
6. Shaun Alexander, SEA
7. Brian Westbrook, PHI
8. Reggie Bush, NO
9. Willie Parker, PIT
10. Rudi Johnson, CIN
11. Ronnie Brown, MIA
12. Thomas Jones, NYJ
13. Travis Henry, DEN
14. Laurence Maroney, NE
15. Clinton Portis, WAS
16. Edgerin James, ARI
17. Marshawn Lynch, BUF
18. Maurice Jones-Drew, JAC
19. Cedric Benson, CHI
20. Willis McGahee, BAL
21. Adrian Peterson, MIN
22. Brandon Jacobs, NYG
23. Ahman Green, HOU
24. Cadilac Williams, TB
25.Tatum Bell, DET

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