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GNUru Mailbag: Leftover Lincecum?
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Written by The GNUru   
Apr 24, 2007 at 10:01 AM

Tim Lincecum is a hot commodity but should he be in your league?I need fantasy baseball roster help.  I haven't played fantasy baseball in about 3 years, so i'm a little out of whats been goin on as far as fantasy goes.  What are your thoughts on Eric Byrnes? Is Tim Lincecum worth keeping stashed on this team? Also, which of these players available on the wire right now are worth grabbing? Kelly Johnson, Shawn Green, Aaron Hill, JJ Hardy, Mike Lowell, Eric Gagne, Chien-ming Wang (waivers until Thrusday), Ramon Ortiz, Jon Broxton, Braden Looper, and Randy Wolf.
Any thoughts on making this team better or just keep as is?

Also, I've been lookin to move Melvin Mora and Eric Byrnes in packages with other players.  I recently offered this kid Mora/Byrnes for Aramis Ramirez.  He countered with A.J. P/Aramis for my Pudge/Vazquez.  I thought was a good deal on my end though it looks like he then canceled this morning. 

5x5 12 team H2H Yahoo Public w/ about 4 maybe 5 inactive teams already. Don't you just love public leagues? (sarcasm)

C Pudge
1b morneau
2b cano
ss guillen
3b mora
of sizemore
of maggilo
of duncan
Util Hideki
ben byrnes
DL Figgins

SP Johan
SP Peavy
RP Riveria
RP Valverde
P Torres
P Weathers
P Bonderman
Bn Vazquez
Bn Gorzelanny
Bn Clemens
Bn Lincecum

First of all, welcome back to the world of fantasy baseball.  While some of the names have changed, fantasy baseball, is still fantasy baseball.  Although public leagues can be annoyingly inactive at times, it is still a good playground to test strategies and refine your skills.  Despite your lack of confidence you seem to have put together a very competitive team.  Your pitching appears very strong with Santana and Peavy leading the wayand you have a nice core of young hitters in Sizemore and Morneau.  With that, let’s breakdown some of your questions:


Eric ByrnesEric Byrnes

 He’s playing well but history would indicate that he won’t keep it up- at least his impressive batting average.  Byrnes is an often underrated roto player and you can expect 20+ HRs, 70-80 RBI, 25 + SBs to go with a .260-.270 AVG.  This is the type of player that is more valuable on your team than what you could get in return from a trade.  The GNUru would hold on to him! 

Tim LincecumTim Lincecum

While he may prove to be a great pitcher down the road, Lincecum does not project to have much of a fantasy impact this year.  Unless you have an owner drooling over him that you can deal with, Lincecum is not worth owning in yearly leagues at this point.  When he does get called up pay attention and be ready to pounce on him if he impresses early.  From the sounds of your league you shouldn’t have too many owners digging that deep for free agents.  In keeper league, Tim no doubt has immense value! 

Braden LooperBraden Looper

You mentioned Looper is available as a free agent.  If the GNUru were you, he would drop Lincecum and pick up Looper.  I’m actually surprised he is still available with a nice 3-1 record and a 2.08 record.  Snag him before someone else does.  The GNUru would also put in a waiver claim on Wang but the other free agents you listed, should be free agents in a 12 team league (though the GNUru does like JJ Hardy). 


Aramis RamirezAramis Ramirez


Do what it takes to get him. A-Ram is a stud third basemen and is going to have a monster year in the much improved Cub lineup.   It sounds like the other owner would consider moving him so keep working with him and find some common ground.  I think both proposed deals were great for you and it doesn’t seem like either of you are far from pulling the trigger.  Perhaps throw in a Lincecum to sweeten the deal and tout his impressive minor league stats, etc.


All in all the GNUru thinks your team is in great shape and you should be very competitive in your league.  Avoid over-tinkering and continue to make minor improvements when necessary.  Good luck and welcome back to the game!


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