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Home  GNUru Special Features  Has Uncle Lou Given Up?
Has Uncle Lou Given Up?
Written by The GNUru   
Apr 19, 2007 at 10:19 AM

Uncle Lou PinnelaIn his first 14 games, Sweet Lou has already provided the Chicago media with some priceless soundbytes after the Cubs disappointing start to the season.  Burried in a column by Tribune sports writer Paul Sullivan is the odd story of Uncle Lou assigning new Cub Cliff Floyd with managerial duties in the Cubs 14 inning marathon on Tuesday.  We all know Pinella is easily frustrated but who can blame him after the Cubs anemic start to the season?   Im the bottom of the 14th inning Uncle Lou told Floyd, "You figure it out" when the Cubs were out of position players and needed a pinch runner for the speed challenged Daryle Ward.  According to Floyd, "I was just sitting down there chilling, hoping we'd win the game" when approached by Pinella.  Floyd ended up choosing Jason Marquis because of his athleticism but was confused as to why he had to make the decision.  Floyd was going to have Marquis play first base had the game gone into the 15th inning.  In a game that had about as much action as 2 quadriplegics playing chess, Uncle Lou always knows when to interject some entertainment.


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