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Sexy Pick Alert: Dave Bush vs. Rich Hill
Written by The GNUru   
Apr 06, 2007 at 01:01 PM

As an avid Chicago Cub fan and self-proclaimed fantasy guru, the GNUru had to take the opportunity to look at tonight's matchup between the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs.  Not only is this game intriguing because there are bound to be plenty of Cubs fans invading Milwaukee for the weekend series, but it also features two pitchers who have become popular Sexy Picks- Rich Hill and Dave Bush.

Let's start with David Bush.  The 27-year old (yes, that magical pixie dust year according to some) right-handed product of the Toronto Blue Jays Sexy Pick: Dave Bushorganization is coming of his first complete MLB season.  In 2006, Dave won 12 games and posted a mediocre 4.41 ERA.  However, what has fantasy owners intrigued is the fact that he proved durable pitching 210 innings and racked up 166 strikeouts.  His .717 OPS (the GNUru's favorite measure of a pitcher's hittablity) is slightly better than average and is within range of Jake Peavy (though he had a very down year) and Jeremy Bonderman.  Despite these promising numbers, Dave Bush has never shown he can be a dominant pitcher and it's unlikely at this stage in his career that he is going to turn into one.  So what does Dave Bush give you as a fantasy pitcher?  He is going to give you innings, a respectable ERA, a fair amount of K's, and a few wins.  Every fantasy team needs a few players like Dave Bush to provide that consistent effort even if the results are mediocre in fantasy terms.  Mr. Bush will not be a top of the rotation guy for your fantasy squad so set your level of investment and your expectation accordingly.

GNUru Fantasy Analysis:  A career 4th or 5th Starter 

Rich Hill is another 27-year old pitcher being looked at to do big things in 2007.  Hill has always been a promising prospect in the Cubs organization but to this point has been slow to develop.  Rich Hill saw the majority of his major league action in 2006 and his cumulative totals were unimpressive- 6-7 with a 4.17 ERA and 90 Sexy Pick: Rich HillK's in 99 IP.  What those numbers don't tell you is how dominant he was in the second half of the season.  Hill went 6-3 with a 2.93 ERA in the second half and even more impressive was his 3-1 record and 1.93 ERA in September.  So what changed?  Nothing really.  After a poor start to his MLB career, Hill got sent down to work on his mechanics.  With the Iowa Cubs, Hill went an impressive 7-1 with 1.80 ERA and 135 K's in just 100 IP.  After even more injuries decimated the Chicago Cubs rotation, Hill got the call again and was lights out from there on out.   Although, the left-hander has yet to pitch a complete season in the majors, Hill managed to pitch nearly 200 innings last year.  So what does the future hold for Rich Hill?  The verdict is still out, but, with Rich Hill you have a starting pitcher with a lot of upside that should be a dependable innings eater.  Even though Hill will certainly have a few bumps along the road, he makes a great back of the fantasy rotation pitcher. 

GNUru Fantasy Analysis:  A solid 4th of 5th starter with potential to be a #2 down the road   


Well, I don't think I was being too biased and thus far Rich Hill has looked great.... not going to say how great as I don't want to jinx him!

Posted by The GNUru, on 04/06/2007 at 19:52

OUCH...well Dave Bush is just getting ROCKED!! GO CUBS!

Posted by Bush, on 04/06/2007 at 19:24


Posted by greg, on 04/06/2007 at 15:18

Do you think you being a little biased with the Cubs hurler? I betcha $10 Bush out-pitches Hill tonight. Go Brewers!


Posted by greg, on 04/06/2007 at 15:18

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