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Sexy Pick Alert: Jason Jennings
Written by The GNUru   
Mar 29, 2007 at 10:51 AM

Jason JenningsThroughout the season, the GNUru will feature a player that has the fantasy baseball nation buzzing.  As detailed in the GNUru's article Diagnosing Sexy Pick Syndrome (SPS) , the first step in treating SPS is admitting you have a problem.  Don't deny it; if you play fantasy baseball, you inherently suffer from some form of SPS.   So in order to effectively treat SPS, one needs first to isolate the potential problem and identify which players are receiving an excessive amount of fantasy love.  Early detection is the key to any successful treatment.  With that in mind the GNUru has installed his SPS Early Dectection Systme (EDS) known as the GNUru's Sexy Pick Alert.

For the inaugural Sexy Pick Alert, the GNUru will feature Jason Jennings.  While Jennings remains under the radar of most, he has received considerable attention, most notably from The Extrapolater in his article My Major League Value Pick.  Now before I start laying into Jason Jennings, first let me preface this by saying that the GNUru thinks Jason Jennings will have a fine season and that he certainly should be considered when putting together your team.  That said, it's important not to put your ego ahead of common sense.  Jason Jennings should be drafted, picked up, or traded for as a 4th or 5th starter and here is why...

Though Jason Jennings is a reliable starting pitcher, he is notoriously inconsistent and prone to hot and cold streaks.  While this can be advantageous in roto leagues, in head-to-head leagues this can be a season killer.  Let's take a look at his monthly ERA by month for the past 3 years;  April - 7.01, May - 4.82, June - 4.25, July - 3.35, August - 4.50, September - 4.57.  What does this tell you?  Aside from the obvious (Don't use him in April), it means more times than not Jason Jennings is sitting on the waiver wire after the first month of the season.  Without having any way to prove this, the GNUru believes Jennings is one of the most added and dropped players in all of fantasy baseball.  So why heavily invest in Jennings when you can bank on a slow start?  You also do not want any dead weight sitting on your bench in the early part of the season.  This is the time when you can pull gold off the waiver wire.

Aside from the slow start and inconsistency, let's begin to dispel the myth that Jennings will flourish outside of Coors field.  In 2006, Jennings actually had a higher road ERA than at home (3.97 Road, 3.56 Home).  While this discrepancy may be due to the installment of the "Humidor", Jennings Road/Home splits historically are not different enough to suggest a dramatic increase in fantasy production with a change of scenery- especially moving into the band-box known as Minute Maid Park.   Jennings ERA over the past 3 years at home was 4.50 as opposed to 4.63 on the road.  Considering those numbers it's unlikely that Jennings ERA will deviate much.

Although Jason Jennings is not likely to propel himself into fantasy baseball's elite, He is a solid pitcher that will eat some innings and not kill you in any one category.  Jennings is a worthwhile pitcher to have on your team so long as you don't expect a post-Phillies Curt Schilling resurgence out of him. 


That's alright...the GNUru knows who you are and knows where you live!

Posted by The GNUru, on 03/30/2007 at 12:27

Man, that threat would have been much cooler if I had logged in first.

Posted by Extrapolater, whose homepage is here on 03/30/2007 at 12:21

That's it, the feud is on. You won't know when it's coming, or where, but I'll get you.

Posted by GUEST, whose homepage is here on 03/30/2007 at 12:19

The GNUru is bringing Sexy back!

Posted by The GNUru, on 03/30/2007 at 12:12

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