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GNUru Mailbag: Charles
Written by The GNUru   
Mar 18, 2007 at 04:12 PM

To submitt your own question to the GNUru staff either email the GNUru at or fill out the "Ask the GNUru" form.  Submitted questions may be featured in the GNUru Mailbag section.

Johan SantanaGood Afternoon,

I have an offer of David Wright and John Smoltz for Johan Santana in a H2H, 10 team NL/AL CBS sportline league

What are your opinions?




Charles, the GNUru loves this deal for you.  In a 10-team league, the elite of the elite rule.  No one single player is more elite than Johan Santana.  While the GNUru likes both David Wright and John Smoltz, both can easily be replaced.  David Wright, for example can reasonably be replaced with the 10th ranked 3B; Eric Chavez, Chipper Jones, Joe Crede, Troy Gluas, etc.  The difference between those players and David Wright is very slight when compared to Santana and Smoltz.  The GNUru would jump at the opportunity to make this trade.



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