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GNUru Mailbag: Drafting Dilemma
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Written by The GNUru   
Mar 13, 2007 at 02:31 PM

To submit your question either email the GNUru at or fill out the form here! Submitted questions may be featured in the GNUru's Mailbag. 

I am in a 16 team, head-to-head, keeper league in which we are allowed to keepDice-K 7 players.  We are required to keep 3 hitters, 3 pitchers, and 1 flex.  We are also allowed to trade during the off season and I was able to move up and get the #3 and #9 picks in the draft by trading away Brandon Webb.  Who should I target with the 3rd and 9th picks?  Below are my keepers and likely 1st round draft picks. 

Keepers:  Gary Sheffield, Carlos Beltran, Chase Utley, Aramis Ramirez, Chris Carpenter, Brett Myers, and K-Rod


Potential Draft Picks: Dice-K (likely #1), G. Atkins, N. Swisher, R. Furcal, J. Dye, Burrell, T. Gordon, E. Bedard, D. Uggla, R. Sexson, H. Matsui, C. Delgado, J. Zumaya, Carlos Guillen, D. Cabrera

Nice job landing 2 picks in the top 10 of the draft!  Your #3 pick should be pretty easy as the GNUru would be happy landing any of the top 3 on your list: Dice-K, Atkins, or Swisher.  Since you already have a top 3B, I would hope to land Swisher or if Dice-K happens to slide to #3 take him as you are in need of some pitching.  If Atkins is the only one of the 2 left, I would still take him.  Atkins is one of the top 'Sexy Picks' and you can probably entice some poor owner suffering from SPS (Sexy Pick Syndrome) to part with some top talent for him.  If not Atkins will still make a nice DH.  Early in the draft the GNUru tries to take teh best available and let the rest fall where it may.

With your 9th pick I would suggest trying to land a solid starting pitcher.  Hopefully, Erik Bedard will still be hanging around but I also wouldn't be afraid to go after a Daniel Cabrera.  That said, the GNUru thinks there has to be other talented SPs available in the draft that you didn't include in that list.  If that is truly the best your draft has to offer, then don't be afraid to take another hitter (Furcal would fit nicely) if both Bedard and Cabrera are taken.





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