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Disecting the Deadline Deals
Written by The GNUru   
Aug 02, 2007 at 04:23 PM

Jarrod Saltalamacchia might become a second-half stud!With the trade deadline passing on Tuesday, many fantasy baseball players will change roles with their respective new teams.  Also of importance to fantasy leaguers are the players who will be given a chance to play everyday now that the regular starter has parted ways.  What's to make of all the deadline deals?  Well, the GNUru is here to break it down for you the GNUru way! 

Mark Teixeira (to the Atlanta Braves)
Mark Teixeira was the biggest name dealt during this season trade binge.  While Big Teix moving to a pitchers park in Atlanta sounds like a negative, a hitter of his caliber going to a contender often sparks a huge second half surge.  Remember Carlos Beltran once he was dealt to the Astros?

Jarrod Saltalamacchia (Traded to Texas)
Jarrod Saltalamacchia was a man blocked by the presence of Brian McCann.  His fantasy appeal was limited due to his infrequent at bats.  In Texas, Salty will be given the chance to play everyday at first base and will spell Gerald Laird from time to time keeping his eligibility at catcher.

Ty Wiggington (Traded to Houston)
The trade of Wiggy to the Astros and the subsequent dealing of Morgan Ensberg means that he will get regular at bats in a nice hitters park.  While Wiggy's value will not increase substantially a moderate boost in production can be expected.

Brendan Harris
Although Brendan Harris was not involved in any trades, the trade of Wiggington opens up a permanent spot at 2B for him.  Harris has been a pleasant fantasy surprise and should continue to produce for your fantasy team.

Wilson Betemit (Traded to the New York Yankees)
Super utilityman Wilson Betemit instantly sees a boost in his value with the deal to the Yankees.  Wilson figures to get plenty of at bats at 1B and will be Joe Torre's super-sub.  Wilson value may see the biggest rise next year if the Yankees do not retain Alex Rodriguez. 

Tadahito Iguchi (Traded to Philadelphia)
Tadahito sees a fair rise in value as he goes from a sputtering White Sox team to the Fightin' Phillies.  While Chase Utley only figures to be out a few weeks with his broken hand, Iguchi makes a solid replacement.

Danny Richar
With Iguchi out of the team picture, Richar becomes the White Sox everyday second basement.  While he doesn't exactly have the pedigree of a top prospect, he could provide some solid numbers down the stretch.  As with most rookies, he will likely be streaky as both he and the league adjust to one another.

Luis Castillo
Although Luis Castillo will continue to be the same player he has throughout his career, his move to the NL and the potent Mets lineup likely means and increase in runs. 

Kyle Lohse (Traded to Philladelphia)
If you happen to own Kyle Lohse you haven't been frequenting thegnuru.com.  Lohse is inconsequential in fantasy leagues and his move to Philly will do nothing to his value.  In fact, as impossible as it may seem, Kyle Lohse could possibly be worse in Philly!

Octavio Dotel (Traded to Atlanta)
While the news of Dotel going to Atlanta seems like great news, Dotel value is likely to take a slight decline.  Bob Wickman has established himself as the Braves closer and Dotel will likely be fighting with Rafael Soriano for setup duties. 

Joakim Soria
With Dotel out of the picture, Joakim Soria automatically becomes the Royals closer.  Yes, it is the closer for the Royals but there aren't many closer likely sitting on the waiver wire in most leagues. 

Eric Gagne (Traded to Boston)
Although Gagne won't be unseating Jonathan Papelbon as closer anytime soon, Gagne's value will rise slightly.  The Red Sox have been handling Paps with kid gloves meaning there are plenty of save opportunities to go around and Gagne will be the likely recipient.


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