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Home  GNUru Mailbag  GNUru Mailbag: Trading on Trial
GNUru Mailbag: Trading on Trial
Written by The GNUru   
May 21, 2007 at 10:32 PM
Time to play fantasy Bud Selig!I am in a 12 team, 5x5, 10 category, 40-man roster (23 active and 17 reserve), $300 cap (Real Money), NL only keeper league. We've been together for 20 years and one of our newer owners (2nd year in league) has processed the following trades this week:

1. He traded NYM 1B Carlos Delgado ($24) for CHI minor league 2B Eric Patterson ($2).

2. He then traded DL NYM P Pedro Martinez ($3), CHI P Carlos Zambrano ($26), MIL OF Bill Hall ($19), and STL IF/OF Scott Spiezio ($1) for STL OF Colby Rasmus ($10), PHI OF Jayson Werth ($10), PIT P Paul Maholm ($1), and HOU OF Hunter Pence ($2).

3. He then traded NYM C Paul LoDuca ($12), STL P Anthony Reyes ($10), CHI IF/OF Ryan Theriot
($4), and STL OF Preston Wilson ($1) for
CIN OF Josh Hamilton ($2), NYM OF Carlos Gomez ($2), PHI P Kyle Drabek ($2), and AZ C Robby Hammock ($2).

I am considering reversing all three trades and suspending him from trading.

What do you think?

articleId='7911'; Being a good fantasy commissioner is difficult to do especially in a league that has been together for such a long time. Over the years friendships form and enforcing rules becomes increasingly difficult. As a commissioner, it's your responsibility to not only enforce the rules but also to clearly spell them out so that any disputes or disagreements have a strict protocol one must follow- no commissioner wants to be accused of playing favorites! It is also important to keep all the rules and regulations handy in a league constitution that can be referred to in times of question. While it is nearly impossible to account for each and every dispute that may arise, having a clause to handle those "gray areas" in the constitution is your best friend.

Although it is difficult to make a judgment in this particular case without having a feel for your league, I will describe how I handle disputed trades in the league I run. For example here's how we approve or deny trades:

Trades mutually agreed upon between 2 teams are subject to 48 hour review by the League. Within 48 hours, owners who believe the trade is collusional in nature or is not in the best interest of the league must contact the commissioner with a formal objection (A formal objection will include the reasoning behind the objection). If more than 2 owners have concerns about the trade, the trade will be voted upon by the owners of the league. If more than half (minus the participating teams) object to the trade, the trade will be overturned by the commissioner.

While the above rules are to be considered final, each owner is entitled to appeal the ruling. In order to appeal a ruling, the owner involved must explain why the ruling should be overturned, asking for an appeal. If at least 1 other owner agrees with the appeal, the decision will go to another league wide vote.

The above rules were made with keeping the commissioner from having to make subjective decisions for the league. While that is always the preferred method to handle things, often league members want the commissioner to step up and make the difficult decision. Personally, I like to have any decision based on a league wide vote so to eliminate any accusations of favoritism.

In your particular case, I would ask the league if the trades in question should be reversed with the best interest of the league in mind. Additionally, I would treat each trade independently. For example, trade #3 doesn't seem nearly as bad as trade #2. If a majority of the owners agree with you, then take action. If the rest of your owners don't feel strongly that they should be overturned, I would leave it as is. Remember, at the end of the day every owner has a different philosophy on what it takes to win a fantasy championship. Sometimes our views on a trade are skewed by the perceived values we place on players rather than how it addresses a teams needs. If the owner in question paid his money he is entitled to spend it as he wishes.


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