Despite never having to buy a ticket, not staying up late enough to watch games and easily replacing hockey with staring at their own boogers for amusement, it's the children that are most affected by the 2012 NHL Lockout, don't you know?

Witness the 3-year-old son of Tyson Theriault, who apparently isn't concerned with child protective services visiting him for making his boy a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. According to the YouTube description, this tyke was asking if there was going to be hockey this year; so they decided to put the query to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman himself via the Internet:

According to Tyson, the "you're a bad man" part was his son's ad-lib. Clearly, he reads Canadian sports pages to him before bed …

Another voice added to the lockout debate. If Donald Fehr doesn't add that Super Frowny Face at the end to the NHLPA's logo, he's not doing his job.

Now, if we could only get this kid, the Herb Brooks kid and Joey Junior Blackhawks Reporter in the same room, we could end the work stoppage tomorrow.

s/t Reddit Hockey

Read the rest at: Precocious 3-year-old NHL fan thinks Gary Bettman is a ‘bad man’ (VIDEO)

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