Tim Thomas drew some angry reactions yesterday when he took to Facebook to stand with Chick-fil-A, the American fast food chain whose owner has drawn criticism for his stance on gay marriage. He also drew some very funny ones, the best of which might have been the response from Boston-area stand-up comedian Alicia Love.

"I wonder if Tim Thomas knows he spent 8 hours in a cab with a lesbian filming this commercial," Love tweeted. "I hope he didn't catch gay!"

Suffice it to say, Love's opinion on Thomas is a far cry from that of her character in the commercial, especially now.

Not that Thomas was aware of her orientation. "I certainly didn't walk up to him and offer a high five and say 'So we both like ladies, that's cool right?!' I'm not sure how that would have gone over," says Love.

Born and raised in Boston, Love identifies herself as a Bruins fan, and calls the day she spent filming that Discover Card commercial "an unbelievable experience."

"It was my first national television gig and I was lucky enough to get to do it with a Boston sports hero. I was beyond excited."

Chatting between takes, Love says Thomas was "wonderful, very sweet and charming. I think that's what bummed me out the most when I read his Facebook post."

So how does Love feels about Thomas now?

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. In a sports-driven city like Boston we want our athletes to focus on the game, not politics. Whether Tim likes it or not, he's part of an organization and he is representing the Boston Bruins. He should use caution when discussing his stance on anything that could potentially alienate a group of people."

"I will say I miss the superhero that stood between the pipes and brought us home a Stanley Cup."

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Read the rest at: Tim Thomas spent eight hours in a cab with a lesbian (VIDEO)

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