Joe Mikulik is back — well, actually, he's still around and still managing the Single-A Asheville Tourists — and he's better than ever.

I think everybody remembers Mikulik for his initial blockbuster meltdown from 2006 (which you can view here) where he famously abused and tossed about inanimate objects such as the second base bag, covered home plate completely in dirt, emptied the team's equipment out of the dugout, spiked a water bottle on home plate (and then cleaned it), and mimicked the home plate umpire's strike call, before making the long, slow walk across the field to his exit.

On Friday night, he finally unleashed his highly anticipated sequel to the original meltdown, and I must say it was worth the wait.

The argument stems from a disputed missed tag at third base after a short rundown. Mikulik charges out of the dugout believing the runner exited the base paths and should have been ruled out. After a quick explanation that wasn't to his liking, the show begins, with the highlight coming when *spoiler alert* Mikulik rips the third base bag from the ground and hands it to a fan.

Here's the video courtesy of WCIV-TV in Charleston, S.C. The highlight begins at the 26-second mark. But I should warn you, there appears to be an offensive hand gesture around 1:12.

I don't think I'll go as far as to say Mikulik's second meltdown was better — it's almost impossible to beat a good original meltdown — but as sequels go this was pretty darn solid. I'll give it 3 1/2 stars and wait patiently for him to complete the trilogy.

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Read the rest at: The Meltdown Part II: Minor-league manager Joe Mikulik loses it again, gives third base to fan (Video)

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