Warning: Video contains naughty language.

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant has a reputation for being 100-percent devoted to basketball unlike anyone in the NBA (except Kobe Bryant, as if such a thing even needs to be said). Durant is a complicated guy, though, and that includes being interested in things that often get other players termed "thugs," like massive tattoos. That doesn't make him a bad guy — which is also true of the people who've been criticized in the past for similar interests — it just complicates his image as mainstream America's ideal superstar.

For instance, Durant is pretty into rapping, which he's shown in a joking Nike ad and on various freestyles. Now, he's getting a little more professional. In the video above, you can check out Durant's track "Worried About Tomorrow" with his friend and colleague Privaledge. It's not bad, as far as NBA forays into music go. There's room for growth, but we're certainly not dealing with a "K.O.B.E." sort of embarrassment.

The problem for Durant is that his basketball style is so preternaturally smooth that his flow, even if it's impressive, can't help but suffer by comparison. Anyone who watches Durant on the court comes away floored. His rapping might take a little more time to impress.

(via TBJ)

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