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Perhaps emboldened by his own team's offseason name change, Mike Stanton told reporters on Wednesday that he'd like to be known by the first name on his birth certificate — Giancarlo — from now on.

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If you've ever ogled the stats on Stanton's Baseball-Reference page, you may have noticed he has a few different names to choose from. His full name is listed as "Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton" and he says he opted for "Mike" during his school years because he tired of correcting a different teacher each class period.

But with the Marlins asking to be identified as "Miami" in preparation for their move into the city proper, the 22-year-old slugger wants to revert to his original name. The team has obliged him and plans to go with Giancarlo on things like his locker name plate and scoreboard listings.

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Not that Stanton will refuse to look if you call him by any of his other names. Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post reports that Stanton will still acknowledge a list of names and nicknames that may be longer than Babe Ruth's.

"Everything,'' he said with a smile. "Cruz. Giancarlo, Mike, Mikey, Big Mike, Big Foot, Bam-bam. Man-Child. I respond to 25 different names.''

Stanton will be the first "Giancarlo" in big-league history and I'm personally glad we might have the opportunity to crown a "Giancarlo" as a home run king. The correct pronunciation of the name — Jiaahnkahrloh — lends an increased regal air to the position, especially if he insists on pronouncing his last name as "Stan-tone."

It'd make for an entertaining 40 or 50 home run calls per year, if nothing else.

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